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RE: The Recent Mess
Misty Morning
Considering the resent lovely change LJ has given us, I've been poking around (slowly) and seeing if any of my comms need to be fixed, or what. Gorram it, LJ. :|

Workarounds from mmouse15 via antepathy

The Post re: the update 7945 comments at this writing regarding the change.

I am still @ [personal profile] ravynstoneabbey, and have a TF comm: [community profile] all_transformers which is for all the Transformers related things.

I made two sandboxes: [community profile] technophilia & [community profile] mythsands.

I'll not be renewing my paid accounts either.

Dark of the Moon Thoughts [Spoilers]
Ratchet/Hide BFF forever <3
I've had some time to digest the movie novel and the movie itself. So standard warnings of spoilers ahead, and possible sightings of teal deer ahead.


Christmas Card Post!
winter holidays, christmas
Anyone who wants a card, let me know?

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Daily Digest for June 3rd
Misty Morning
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Outrage in California
Misty Morning

Expert: Invalid Warrant Used in Raid on iPhone Reporter’s Home | Threat Level |

I am shocked, and frankly appalled that anyone would have their home searched and things confiscated over a story reported in the news.

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bitch plz
Oh Dear

Holy shit, y'all. What is this. I don't even. My brain is blown. And I think it'll be the topic of discussion at work this evening.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Movie Reactions [Spoilers]
Optimus Prime

We ([info - personal]flutterish and I) ventured forth this morning to Knoxville to see TF:ROTF. I loved it and zomg SQUEEEEEE.

Some salient points I noticed and other points of squee
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Thoughts Before The Movie
Ratchet [2007 Movie]
We (flutterish and I) are getting ready to goo up to Knoxville to go see TF2. So very excited.

I'm excited to see that I survived seven days straight working. Stupid weeks and schedules. -.-;

I should have a reaction post up later today after I've seen the movie and took a nap.

A new mod to help out at firsttweak, thank you for volunteering knittingknots!

I had a thought last night before i went to sleep, that maybe once a week or something we have rec posts at hanyou_tales. Classics of IY fandom, new things, anything fic and even maybe vids?

And that reminds me, I need to make a Good Friday post @ tf_afts. We could use some good stuff, and I have loads of bookmarked fic.

Writing apps for Rhino @ DaisyChain, write out a personality and samples for Horatio, and spiffy up Ratchet for Bump Back. I also am having much fun with Dite and Cate, and I'm slowly revamping Cate.

I am also watching the kerfluffle on metafandom, LJ, JF and DW regarding fic warnings. Will post thoughts about that later today as we are leaving soon.

I've decided to restart Council and will do the prelim work later today. Premise, FAQ, app, policies, locations, and an ad. Will clean out old posts.

David Eddings
Misty Morning
And there shall be no more. David Eddings passed last night and he will be missed. I was a fan of all of his books, and he was one of the writers that inspired me to actually think about writing as a career.
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Reading List
hot and nerdy
Now, I didn't get all the books on my reading list, but I did get a couple and supplemented with some others that I knew were good. I had Little Miss with me, so she had to get some books, but all in all, it was a lovely trip out. Apologies for the blur, I am still figuring out closeup shots.

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